Announcement to Customers: H2O Quality Lab Operations Related to COVID-19

At the H2O Quality Laboratory, protection of our customers and employees is of paramount importance during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. However, we also understand that you must remain compliant with the requirements of your wastewater and drinking water permits. 

We are making some significant modifications to our operation in order to achieve both goals. As a result, you may experience some minor inconvenience but we ask for your patience until this crisis has subsided. Below are some guidelines that we ask our customers to follow until further notice:

  1. Please practice effective social distancing while dropping off samples at our facility. Social distancing means minimizing contact with people and maintaining a distance of at least six feet between you and others.
  1. In order to achieve effective social distancing in the lab, our personnel may be working in shifts to minimize the number of individuals who are in our facility at any time. We are requiring any employee who exhibits signs of fever or respiratory distress to stay home, so we need to account for the possibility of a higher-than-usual absenteeism rate due to illness. Consequently, if you call, the person you need to speak with may not be in the lab at that time or may be working from home. If you leave a message, we will return your call as soon as possible.
  1. Because we will be operating with minimal personnel in the lab at any time, it is essential that anyone collecting samples and delivering them to the lab do so well within sample hold time. Samples dropped off unexpectedly near the end of their hold time may not be set up if personnel certified for the specific test method are not working at that time.
  1. Again due to our staffing constraints, you may need to be flexible regarding when we conduct your tests. We will need to schedule carefully to ensure that we can conduct all of our clients’ tests in the required time frame. Please contact laboratory management at to let us know what samples you intend to deliver.
  1. We ask that any non-compliance projects be postponed until we can safely return to normal operations. 

Please be assured that we will accommodate your regulatory needs during this period and maintain our laboratory’s high standards.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this challenging time.